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As we know very few people are aware of the extent of the online criminal ecosystem by using advance organised cybercrimes. Where DarkWeb Crime is one of them.

DarkWeb is a hub of international crime. Understanding what the DarkWeb is can be a challenge. 

The dark web is primarily accessible via the Tor network or The Onion Router (TOR). The name originates from the idea that the many layers of an onion denote the many levels of security and encryption on the dark web.

The technology behind the Darknet is not a single program or location. A lot of crimes such as drug sales, credit card fraud, counterfeit currency, leaked data, counterfeit passport sale, malware forums, child pornography and several other criminal activities flourished through the darknet.

Since the darknet is immune to surveillance and the IP addresses are re-routed, the real IP addresses mostly remain hidden and the identity of the users are anonymous. The prime requirement to fight darknet crimes is to understand the types of DarkWeb crimes and forensics attribution of the suspected information on user patterns in the darknet markets.

Following image depicts about the Tor Circuit (IP address chains)

As per IndustryARC, the global Dark Web Intelligence Market size is projected to surpass the $840 million mark by 2026 growing at an estimated CAGR of more than 20.1% during the forecast period 2021 to 2026. Darknets or networks are connections that are made between or amongst trusted peers and a few of them include TOR, Freenet, or the Invisible Internet Project (I2P).

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Dark Web Intelligence also has prominence in cyber threat intelligence as it monitors, where security insights can be generated that could prevent cyber threats. In terms of business as well, dark web intelligence plays a prominent role as many unindexed websites also has a lot of valuable information that helps the vendors to take the necessary steps.

Image for representation. Source :

Dark web intelligence also uses dark web forum portals in order to make counter-terrorism and cyber risk analysis activities. Besides, dark web intelligence is also involved in many legal activities like military intelligence, and as a medium to exchange other confidential information.

Government and other legal bodies monitor the dark web with the help of intelligence tools, and control the illegal activities can be made for legal or proper security used could be a good sign and from recent years governments of several countries are focusing to do so.

Image for representation. Source:

Dark web cyber threat intelligence acts as a powerful solution in analyzing cyber risk and preventing cyber-attacks in anonymous and hidden areas of the internet. This prevents cyber criminals’ reign. Besides, dark web intelligence also plays a crucial role in preventing terrorist attacks and tracking them. Dark web analysis plays a crucial role in the field of counter-terrorism (CT).

Well, in this article discussed about the introductory of DarkWeb and its forensics attribution for investigation purposes. Few Images have been added to explain the examples of such resources which is available on DarkWeb for understanding purposes. There is NO limit to study about this topic, just like its name, so is its work.

Following are some darkweb marketplaces snapshots;

For example : In April 2021, an Italian man was arrested for allegedly hiring a hitman on the dark web to attack his ex-girlfriend by throwing acid on her and forcing her into a wheelchair. Europol issued a press release stating that the Italian national paid 10,000 Euros to hire the hitman from an “internet assassination website” hosted on a Tor network.


May check the video, where I have explained the overview of the Cybercrimes, Terminologies about Surface Web & Dark Web, Live and Post analysis with the collected evidence and Some screenshots of commercial vendors for informational purposes.

Glimpse of the presentation: Overview of the Cyber of Things

Investigation and Forensics Angle

Download the Presentation :

Presentation Video:

In the end, the internet is not a safe place from a privacy perspective, it can be traceable in any manner by digital footprints.

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