Threat intelligence is information that informs enterprise defenders of adversarial elements to stop them. It is information that is relevant to the organization, has business value, and is actionable.


In this presentation, following are the covered elements:

  • What is Threat Intelligence
  • Cyber Security Mindmap
  • Threat Agents
  • Threat Intel Categories
  • Threat Int Use Cases
  • Important Assets
  • Operational Information & Intel Feeds
  • Traffic Light Protocol
  • Threat Intel Platform
  • HELK (Hunting ELK)
  • Kill Chain Matrix (MITRE ATT&CK)
  • Case Study


For complete slide: Threat Intelligence

This presentation is for informative purposes. Feel free for your suggestions. Thanks

#Threat #Intelligence #Forensics #ELK #Forensics #VAPT #SOC #SIEM #Incident #D3pak

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  1. LESIBANA says:

    This is a great information for those who want learn and gain knowledge about Cyber crime, cyber security etc
    I like this and always enjoy reading information from D3pak Kumar.
    Thank you for the information you’re always sharing. I’m still in the Organization and have not yet created my own website for my company and immediately I exit, I’ll update you about my company website in my country South Africa
    Thank you.


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