A file hash is smoking gun for forensic investigators, Break Down the Open Source Intelligence Knowledge Stack 🕵️‍♂️

Other sites dedicated to compiling information about indicators from the atomic to the behavioral include:

  1. Team Cymru’s Community Services portal: This portal includes IP reputation lookup and malware hash analysis.
  2. Threatminer: Search by domains, hashes, user-agent strings and registry entries.
  3. Threatcrowd: Look for information on domains, IP addresses, emails and organizations.
  4. URLQuery: This site profiles URLs for web-based malware.
  5. InfoByIP: This site finds the domain, location, internet service provider (ISP) and autonomous system number (ASN) for IPs or domains — which is good for bulk queries.
  6. Cymon: Input IPs, domains or hashes and get activity and malware reports.
  7. Shodan: This site helps analysts determine which devices are publicly connected to the internet.
  8. ATT&ACK: This is MITRE’s collection of attack techniques and tactics

For complete study resource: https://securityintelligence.com/how-open-source-intelligence-could-save-your-networ

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