Without a doubt, technology is advancing at an increasingly rapid pace. It’s all about today’s Digital Security and increasing Cyber-Crime information. If you want to play a role in fighting these cybercrime threats, then you’ll want to know how to become a digital forensic examiner. Sharp knowledge and Computer soundness may lead you ahead and make you differentiate among tech geek.

Sharing some insightful references:


1: APT15 is alive and strong: An analysis of RoyalCli and RoyalDNS…/apt15-is-alive-and-strong-an-…/2: Hidden Cobra Targets Turkish Financial Sector With New Bankshot Implant…/hidden-cobra-targets…/

3: Network Forensic Investigation In Openflow Networks With ForCon…/network-forensic-investigation…/

4: Volatility Profiles and Windows 10

5: Life After Law Enforcement: Life In The Fast Lane…/life-after-law-enforcement-life-i…

6: Top Ten Free Computer Forensic Software (Not endorsement)…/

7: Let Do some hands-on challenges (CTF) rather theory…/…/test-images-and-challenges/all

8: Paul Kincaid at Malwarebytes Lab walks through the four phases of the “NIST SP800-61r2 Incident Response Life Cycle”…/building-an-incident-respo…/

9: Forensics Challenges List

10: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions sheet – update…/endpoint-detection-and-response-…/

Feel free to share needy ones “Forensics as a Career”…/07/16/forensics-as-career/

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