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And then Forensics (4n6) Made my Day!!! Being as Cyber Forensics learner, sharing my bites with you all. Published my interview on #India’s First #Digital #Forensics Journal Magazine.


Interview insight QUESTIONS

  • # Tell us something about your journey as a Cyber Forensics Investigator?
  • # What changes have taken place in Cyber Forensics field in last five years?
  • # Please tell us something about Chain of Custody and other important documents required during the investigation of Cyber related cases.
  • #What advice would you like to give to the investigating officers who carry out seizure before they send the digital artefacts to your lab for Investigation?
  • #What are the challenges you have faced while Investigations?
  • #How can you go about Investigations in ransomware related cases?
  • #Give some tips on how one should handle fragile digital artifacts that come for Investigation?
  • #How do you handle legal issues associated with the case which you have investigated?
  • # What would you like to tell the next generation who want to make Cyber Forensics as a career?

Regarding career perspective, there is a lucrative career in this domain. Cyber is very vast domain to cover all things, as much knowledge individual have to gain. Dig into the technology and become an expert in as many technical endeavors as possible.  First, they must go with the basics of all verticals like, operating system, Networking, Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, Knowledge of Programming, Ethical hacking, Mobile Tools and gadgets and update themselves with latest cyber of things which is going in the market. They must be creative in both computers and practical’s. They should practice with the forensic tools t and should know how the tools works, how it does parsing and extract information from which artifacts. Update themselves and Read all the feeds related to cyber security and crime. However, candidates that can demonstrate critical thinking skills and the ability to pick up new concepts quickly have been the most successful – regardless of a specific degree, or lack thereof.” If you’re excited by the possibility of working hard and adapting fast, this may the place for you.” Surround yourself with mentors, challenge yourself constantly. Always work smarter not harder.

Thanks for this initiative D4n6J Team and Readers.

Link for the magzine:

Might be Helpful Forensic Resources

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  2. Forensics As A Career
  3. Forensics Online Free Resources
  4. Forensic Tools and Services

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