High employer demand, fabulous salaries, great promotion prospects – what’s not to love about cyber security? According to data compiled by Burning Glass, postings for cyber security jobs grew 74% from 2007 to 2013 – 2x faster than other IT positions.

Sure, it all sounds sexy, but any cyber security professional will tell you that it’s still work. So before you make the leap, see what a career in IT security really looks like.

The roles and job titles in the security sector often involve somewhat overlapping responsibilities, and can be broad or specialized depending on the size and special needs of the organization. Typical job titles are security analyst, security engineer, security administrator, security architect, security specialist, and security consultant.

To better describe the scope of those positions, employers often precede the above titles with qualifying terms like “cyber”, “information”, “computer”, “network”, “IT”, and “applications”. This results in fuller job titles such as it security engineer, information security analyst, network security administrator, IT security consultant, and so on.

The 33 job categories of cyber security.




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