Gurugram Police Cyber Intern : 2017

Gurugram Police Summer Internship 2017 delivered Session on C3: Cyber, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Warfare. Special Thanks to all Gurugram Police (Law enforcement), cyber ninjas and Rakhsit Tandon Sir. Appreciated by  Sandeep Khirwar (Commissioner of Gurugram Police) Sharing one module: C3 Cyber Slide Presentation Might Helpful: 21st Century Cyber Forensics  BE SMART & CREATIVE IN CYBER WORLD


 Forensic Science Forensics, or forensic science, is the application of scientific methods to resolve or shed light on legal issues. It has a number of subdivisions; forensic medicine involves the examination of the human body (living or dead) for purposes of answering legal questions or gathering evidence for a criminal or civil action. Forensic accounting … More 4N6 AS A SERVICE