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It has been another interesting and dynamic year on the security and intelligence front. Cyber intelligence is the tracking, analyzing and countering of digital security threats. This type of intelligence is a blend of physical espionage and defense with modern information technology. The first step to understanding cyber intelligence is to realize that intelligence tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) as well as various types of operations existed long before cyberspace was conceived.

Definition of intelligence:
 “The product resulting from the collection, processing, integration, evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of available information concerning foreign nations, hostile or potentially hostile forces or elements, or areas of actual or potential operations” (src: DoD)

Intelligence cycle : Planning and Direction – Collection – Processing – Production – Dissemination

Intelligence is most often seen as offensive in nature when viewed from the lens of spying and collection operations but its ultimate purpose is also equally rooted in defense.

As examples, there are those that are more commonly referenced such as HUMINT (human intelligence derived from human to human interaction), OSINT (open source intelligence gathered from publicly available sources) and SIGINT (signals intelligence usually refers to electronic mediums from sources such as satellites). There are also those less often referenced such as GEOINT (geospatial intelligence such as images taken from aircraft) and MASINT (measurement and signature intelligence such as radar data and nuclear radiation readings).
Cyber Intelligence would be a specific discipline in intelligence (some have tried to use CYBINT as this term although it has never truly caught on).

Information Intelligence Terminologies:

Fore more : Cyber Intelligence , Cyber War , Cyber Terrorism

The following list is comprised of the Top 10 stories :

#1 – The Red Teamer’s Top Ten Books by Dr. Mark Mateski of the Red Team Journal.

#2 – 10 Red Teaming Lessons Learned Over 20 Years by Matt Devost of FusionX

#3 – The 18 Domestic Terrorism Incidents over the Past 15 Months That Have the FBI Concerned

#4 – Every Cyber Attacker is an Insider by Matt Devost

#5 – The Cybersecurity Infantry, Part I: Retreat for Advantage by Mark Mateski

#6 – DHS Warns That ISIS Belgian Plot Could be Roadmap for U.S. Attack

#7 – FBI Alert: Middle-Eastern Males Approaching Family Members of US Military Personnel

#8 – The Americans Supporting ISIS

#9 – The Seven Categories of Domestic Terrorists as Defined by the FBI

#10 – U.S. Department of Homeland Security Warns of Sovereign Citizen Extremist Ideology Threat

Src: Google, OODA


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