Hi, Gentle welcome to all of you. This is my first article published on #India’s #Digital 4n6 Journal magazine. SUMMARY This article brings a clear perception on forensic investigations, its procedures, issues, challenges, and requirement of forensic skills for professionals or investigators. The past sixty years have witnessed the most rapid transformation of human activity … More 21st CENTURY CYBER FORENSIC


Another LinkedIN case solved, interesting part is behind this game a girl…. —————————————- Now after facebook twitter lots of cases regarding cyber stalking, identity theft etc on “LinkedIN” LinkedIn : Alleged (GIRL) steal the identity(email, contact no.) and created a profile by same name and credentials. Process : obtain the IP address from which the … More IDENTITY THEFT


If you’re into computer security at all you may have heard of terms like “Deep Web” and “Dark Web”. The terms can be confusing so here are the basics: Summary The Internet is where everyone has access to and where it’s easy to find things because they’re indexed by search engines. The Deep Web is … More DEEP WEB | DARK WEB


Found an interesting read sharing with you; THE VAST stores of digital information generated by everyday lives—communications data, CCTV footage, credit-card records and much more—are now yielding invaluable clues about the terrorist attacks in Paris and are helping guide the hunt for the surviving plotters. But prevention is better than cure. The attacks have highlighted … More INTERNATIONAL CYBER-SECURITY


CYBER RISK SELF-ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST You don’t prepare for a hurricane after it hits, right? You shouldn’t think about Cyber-Security threats after you’ve been hacked. While there is no way to completely eliminate cyber risk, there are steps every business – from the smallest Main Street shops to the international joint ventures – can take to … More CYBER RISK SELF-ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST


Hi , It has been another interesting and dynamic year on the security and intelligence front. Cyber intelligence is the tracking, analyzing and countering of digital security threats. This type of intelligence is a blend of physical espionage and defense with modern information technology. The first step to understanding cyber intelligence is to realize that … More TOP INTELLIGENCE SECURITY STORIES 2015

SIEM Product Comparison – 2016

SIEM play important role in In the field of computer security, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software products and services combine security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM). They provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications.(#WiKi) When attackers compromise the perimeter or are operating from within, you … More SIEM Product Comparison – 2016