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As like an inspirational quote…

There is no wealth like knowledge,
and no poverty like ignorance.

(c. 400/500 BC, founder of Buddhism)

It’s all about today’s digital security and increasing cyber-crime information. Sharp knowledge and computer soundness may lead you ahead and make you differentiate among tech geek 🙂

Digital forensics (sometimes known as digital forensic science) is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime. In simple concept Techno-legal standard :
I: Identification
P: Preservation
A: Acquisition and Analysis
D: Documentation and Reporting

It’s not at all like what you see on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or CID”. Computer forensics can be tiresome, dreary, boring, and downright drudgery. Well, this domain blog primarily focuses on resources sharing in following areas :


And ones again, The “Knowledge is Power” adage is long dead as the new reality of the workforce has taught us that sharing knowledge is beneficial to everybody. So start capturing and communicating your organization’s deep smarts and incase any suggestion please mail me. Thanks

PS: Dear Friends, as you are aware, I try to post from time to times links/articles on this blog. I have been collecting these learning resources from multiple references which I thought it would be helpful to the community to have them posted in a single location. In person ideology, there was a concern that this may be considered by some as self-promotion. But I feel some of the readers may be interested in the content if directly informed rather than themselves browsing the site from time to time to find out if anything of interest is there. You are aware that Google Search Engine is not perfect and hence despite the relevant content many of these articles may not easily appear in the Google search like the articles that otherwise appear on newspaper websites. Interested members may, therefore, miss an opportunity to read the article if they have to find about it through search engines. Here they may read the link if interested or discard if they so desire.

My intention of posting links to my articles on the blog is to draw the attention and I expect that the readers of the blog may add their views either in support or in disagreement and carry on the debate further. This will also help me in making corrections in case I have stated something which is incorrect or ridiculous.

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